Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Why She Reject you

One of my friends came to visit me, with a question that was hoping to be in the boyztalk talk of the day, just by looking at him.. he was too tired to live alone, a lonely life.
He was saying this and that about girls, which means he was up to alot. This The matter was so frustrating and I wondered and felt that there were so many people who needed help to solve this matter so I needed his help to make it a topic so we could discus things here.
Let's make a picture of something in a sense, you have been in a crush for this girl, asking her for a date severs time and she gives you a straight answer, she tells you "Oh, this is not a good time for me to have a boyfriend" or he tells you something like "Now I need a little time to put my things together "I'm so busy with my job, I do not have time for such a thing", so in your mind can you really believe the reasons she has given you?, I feel even though you do not believe the reasons she has given you, do you know why?
Because she is deceiving you, it's not that now it's a bad time for her and you to become lovers, and not that she needs time to put her things togather, and even then even if her office is keeping her busy, what she means is " get away from me "or maybe she says" re-arrange yourself so that you can come back ".
Fortunately we know one thing at theboyztalk, as we have told others, good women do not know what they need until they see it in front of them, you have to open her eyes and show her the real you, let  her see what she didn’t see from you, maker her happy, make her feel special, ladies always like compliments, tell her she is beautiful, tell her cools things to make her smile.

A woman has a great sense of consciousness, she is able to discover if you pretent to be someone you are not or being yourself, just by listening to you. So many men find themselves rejection because of the lack of realism and what they are talking about and beyond the lack of confidence in what they say.
You can not use what you do not have, so do not make yourself meaningless, it will not help you anyway, if you're a shy person, be ashamed but use it in a situation that will benefit you.

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